Institute for Public Accuracy

  • 07:34:38 pm on September 9, 2009 | 0

    You’re right on all counts, Sam.  But I wouldn’t lament the “end of the health reform era” — if that’s what Obama is claiming as his legacy — because it is inconceivable that the feints Andy describes could ever be the first steps toward comprehensive reform.  The idea that we should settle for the shards of this year’s health care debate because the good stuff will come later is not supported by history. Contrary to centrist solipcism, no major social policy has been accomplished piecemeal in the U.S.  Not the hallmarks of universal social provision, certainly — Social Security and Medicare.  These policies have been perfected over time — exclusions eliminated, benefits increased, etc — but they did not become the policies their beneficiaries love by accretion.


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