Institute for Public Accuracy

  • 10:44:13 pm on January 27, 2010 | 0

    A $10,000 tax credit for tuition? No more than 10% of one’s income on servicing education debt?

    You could eliminate all student debt in the U.S. by expropriating the wealth of the 5 richest people in New York City (starting with our mayor). Just saying.

    Tax credits to encourage saving? People can’t save because they don’t have the money.

    Promoting higher house prices? Didn’t we just get hurt by a housing bubble? Why is a good thing when one of life’s essentials, shelter, rises in price? We should be promoting housing affordability, not another bubble.

    Oh and now he’s going on about health care. By defending a proposal about which an industry lobbyist said, “We win!” Please.


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