Institute for Public Accuracy

  • 02:54:30 pm on January 27, 2010 | 0

    Join us at 9:00 p.m. est for a liveblog of President Obama’s 2010 State of the Union.

    Our guestbloggers:

    Gwendolyn Mink – Co-editor of the two-volume Poverty in the United States: An Encyclopedia of History, Politics and Policy and author of Welfare’s End.

    Doug Henwood – Editor of Left Business Observer. He normally blogs at .

    David Swanson – Co-founder of .

    Max Fraad Wolff – Instructor at the Graduate Program in International Affairs at the New School University who regularly writes on the economy at .

    Kim Ives – Just back in the U.S. from Haiti where he has done extensive reporting over the years for Haiti Liberté and other outlets.

    Margaret Flowers – A pediatrician with Physicians for a National Health Program.

    Kathy Kelly – With the group Voices for Creative Nonviolence.


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