Institute for Public Accuracy

  • 10:37:31 pm on January 27, 2010 | 1

    What’s he going to do to revamp the economy? It would take big money to do the things he’s fantasizing about. But he wants to freeze domestic discretionary spending, which is where all that money would come from. Is that the way to get serious?

    “I’m not interested in punishing banks.” Why not? How can you prevent a rerun without punishing these maniacs?

    “Encourage American innovation.” Actually the worthless cash-for-clunkers program was financed by raiding the funds for alternative energy research—a budget that was too small in the first place. Omigod, a new generation of nuclear power plants. Yeah, that’s just what we need. More oil & gas, biofuels, and clean coal. We’ll choke on more oil and gas. Biofuels are an enormous boondoggle. There is no such thing as clean coal—producing coal is filthy and burning it emit CO2. We could generate energy by boiling water with sunlight. But you can’t make much money off that, can you?

    And the yahoos are booing climate change. I suspect there are frathouses with higher collective IQs than Congress.



  • Bob Morris 10:42 pm on January 27, 2010 | # | Reply

    And not a peep from Obama about wind or solar power. Germany, Spain, UK, Japan, China are so far ahead of us on renewable energy that it’s embarrassing.

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