Institute for Public Accuracy

  • 08:52:13 pm on January 27, 2010 | 0
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    We’re anticipating words from the emperor in the absence of the actions we want. I’d like to see an executive reporting to Congress on the execution of past laws. Instead, at best, we always get an emperor telling Congress what laws to pass next. At worst we get fear-mongering, lying, ripping away of rights, and distraction from what needs attention. Telling Congress to repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is good, but spending 2/3 of your speech on employment while dumping ever more of our money into the one area that produces fewer jobs than anything else (military and wars) makes no sense. Education? Healthcare? How can we have them with your wars, and why is it still just talk? In watching these things, let’s try not to cheer for pocket change. A few trains is good, but I won’t cheer for anything under $30 billion, because that’s the smallest amount they ever spend on wars.

    Obama’s put WH visitors online “for the first time in history”? A good year’s work! For what percentage of history have we had an online on which to put things? And what about all those health execs you have NOT put online?

    Obama objects to Citizen’s United and proposes “pass a bill”. I don’t want the executive writing the bills, but that’s intentional vagueness, and a bill won’t fix this one.


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